WACO TODAY Magazine, April 2014

      A four page article in a regional Magazine published by the Waco Tribune Herald, “WACO TODAY” ran about SiFu Crider’s journey with
      amputation and martial arts in April 2014. The article highlighted SiFu Crider’s efforts to empower others through Martial Arts.
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  Limitations by SiFu Steve (Benjamin) Crider

    QUOTE: "In 30 years since I began Training Wing Chun Kung Fu in September of 1988, I have only encountered TWO TYPES
                      of People who believe that Wing Chun will not actually work in a fight, or against 'this style' or 'that style' or some other
                      Martial art...and that would be THOSE who have never SEEN REAL WING CHUN KUNG FU, and thus do not train it,
                      ...AND Those Who DO NOT TRAIN IT ENOUGH!"  ~ SiFu Steven Crider Benjamin, 2017

     For Many years, I have posted for years on Facebook in my personal account under the name STEVEN (BENJAMIN) Crider…
    Benjamin being a personal religious moniker.  I was simply overwhelmed in late 2013 by the global response to my passionate
    reply to question asked about Wing Chun in a popular Blog forum." - SiFu Steve Crider

    In late 2013, Many people were suggesting that Wing Chun is not effective against various styles, some MMA, some Western Boxing. 
    Shockingly, Some of the worst critics were those "allegedly" Wing Chun Practitioners themselves. 
    After responding to a question posed by Sifu Adam Willis of California in a blog, SiFu Crider’s passionate  response would...
    in less than 24 hours spread like wildfire across 5 countries.  Within 36 hours of posting, others had taken it upon themselves
    to translate his words into 3 different languages! As it continued spread to more countries, at least one Sifu in another country  
    in his response to reading “Limitations” ( in one of it’s translations into Spanish),  made the strongly complimentary remark that
    the same "should be a mandatory text for all students of martial arts," and would become such for his own students from that
    point forward!   SiFu Crider was both overwhelmed and humbled by the response to his words in that reply due that there were
    several who made it a mission to repost those words in as many blogs as they could for several days, many still continued to do
    so for weeks, and at least 2 or 3 did so for nearly 3 months! It would eventually be transliterated into 5 different languages, earning
    SiFu Crider Global Recognition from the Martial Arts Community.  

    You may Read the article for yourself here:

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   ONLINE:  YouTube Videos

       Below are Video summaries from 2 past years with the Extremity Games and SiFu Crider’s Participation in the same. When news of SiFu Crider’s efforts to empower
       the amputee community through Martial Arts reached Songwriter/Singer Carl Douglas, he generously granted permission to SiFu Crider to use his 70’s Hit Song
       “KUNG FU FIGHTING” free of charge as part of the soundtrack for the youtube Video “eXG7 MMA EXPO”