"LINEAGE is the true test of authenticity!"

          SiFu Crider has trained under several instructors in the Art of Wing Chun Kung Fu since 1988, including several of world renown reputations. He has traveled
          great distances over long periods of time to train and acquire knowledge in the art.  

         Sadly we live in times where many would cheat others making assertions of themselves that are simply not true, or proclaiming to teach content which is just not
         valid. Wing Chun is no exception.  Thus we quote the Wing Chun Saying "Lineage is the true test of authenticity."  There are those who read a book or watch some
         videos and then think themselves to “KNOW” Wing Chun, and go on to charge money of others who think they are being taught “WING CHUN” when they are not.
         These would be instructors think that the more “Techniques” they learn, the more educated they are. This may be true in many arts, but it is not so in Wing Chun Kung Fu.
         Wing Chun Kung Fu is not a “Technique”* driven art, it is A “CONCEPT DRIVEN ART.”  One may read of such things in a book, but one cannot truly grasp the truth of
         Wing Chun concepts without proper guidance.
 It just doesn't happen. And without a proper understanding of the concepts, all the techniques in the world will not add up to   
          become “Wing Chun.” There is another saying in Wing Chun, “LOOKS HAVE NO SUBSTANCE.”   Such fraudulent persons may have something that “LOOKS” like 
          Wing Chun, but it will have no substance,and will only “LOOK” like Wing Chun to those who do not know Wing Chun, nor what they are truly looking at. To those
          educated in the art, the techniques of the charlatans will be lacking in power, and will not stand in the presence of authentic Wing Chun.  These charlatans will make
          statements which sound “Educated” to those who do not know better, but to those who do,  the same will reveal the very same persons as lacking understanding of the very
          words that fall from their lips. Thus, at it’s very base measure, “CONTENT” is another means to gauge “Authenticity.” There are many lineages of Wing Chun Kung Fu,
          even under those tracing back to Yip Man. While training methods may vary; and while philosophies on other aspects may vary, certain things are KEY PRINCIPALS and
          present in the foundations of EVERY LINEAGE of WING CHUN out there.  If these things are not present, one is not truly learning nor teaching Wing Chun.

          To find out more about this “CONTENT” being spoken of; or for more info on SiFu Crider’s own background in the art;and/or to learn more about the art of Wing Chun
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